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Wordpress Web Design

I work with the WordPress platform to build your website.  No other technology is more turn-key friendly or is as effective at getting your ideas out on the web and ranking high in Google searches.  With a multitude of free plugins, WordPress can so so much more for you or your business than just being a website.

PC Hardware Repair

Computers are made up of many parts, and one of those parts fails, then usually it means it’s time to get a new computer.  That is not always the case.  Let me take a look at it and see if we can repair, replace, or improve on what you are working with now.  It is a good rule of thumb that a business computer be replaced between 3 and 5 years where home PC’s should last you 6-8 years tops.


Data Security

Running Windows Update, and having anti-virus is a good start to keeping your computer safe from some of the terrible viruses out there, but that is just the start.  Let me help you make sure your computer is meeting those initial requirements and also take some steps for those just in case situations.  A good backup of your personal files and photos is so important these days.

New Computer Migration

When it is time to upgrade that PC, let me help you in that process.  Working with any budget, we can find the best deals and then make sure all of your old data makes it onto your new system.

More than Computers

There are many hats that an IT has to wear, so it doesn’t end with computers.  Scroll down to learn more about my photography & videography services.

Multimedia & Web Development All Under One Roof

With me working on your site, I am fully capable of providing you with rich content to fill your site.  My Photography and Videography capabilities are extensive and at your service.

Portraits and Abstract Content Photography

Need portraits of team members or family?  My favorite!  Let’s setup a photo shoot can capture some great memories.

Event Photo Booth

Yes, I even have a complete photo booth setup for events and parties!  Comes with three flash/strobes to provide the perfect lighting in any situation.

Drone Photography/Videography

Drone photography is the perfect solution for capturing the big picture.  Providing the perfect view of whatever you need captured, drones are the way top go.  I work with a DJI Phantom 4 drone to capture some of the most high definition shots possible.

Website Management Training

Keeping a website up-to-date on a daily and weekly basis can be a heavy task.  It takes a team of people to maintain accountability and to keep a website updated and relevant.  These are the pillars of successful Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Once a website is up and running, I am always available to train in person or remotely someone to help make changes and updates to the site.  All training gets documented and even video recorded so you do not have to take notes.

Ubiquiti WiFi Solutions

One of the greatest annoyances with technology at home and on a campus is WiFi dead spots.  Normally, professional grade WiFi AP’s (Range boosters) are pretty expensive and managing them can be a cost in itself.  Ubiquiti’s Unifi access points are an amazing product for the price and I love helping home owners and businesses finally reach 100% WiFi coverage with this great solution.

Video Surveillance

Security camera solutions are everywhere now and very cost effective to boot.  These smart cameras can act as local motion detectors alerting you to activity when there should be none.  With no monthly fees and easy installation, I am available to consult about what is the best solution for your home or business.

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